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    The Best Books for Children of Single Parents

    We want to share a small selection of the best books we recommend for children in single-parent households. These are books that are good reads for all kids but are especially impactful for young children between 3 and 10 years old in single-parent homes.Children in single-parent households are dealing with numerous challenging emotions.Sometimes they blame themselves for a parent leaving because of a divorce. And feel unloved, like there is something wrong with them.They must deal with seeing friends together with their mum and dad, living in the same house. It is not easy. The books on this list are an excellent benefit to kids because: They help them get…

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    The Effects of Single Parenting on Children

    Despite the false claims that the dramatic increase in single-parent households is mainly responsible for the decline in academic results in the United States, it’s important to understand the significant impact it has on a child’s social, behavioral, and emotional development. And how this affects academic and other spheres of life. For further reading, please see this article. Why Single Parenting Affects Children There are many reasons why single parenting affects a child. Just as there are many different situations that lead to being a single parent, such as divorce, death of a partner, or an absent parent.Which is why we’ll briefly discuss the most common reasons, and the negative…

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